What to Wear Inauguration Parade

what to wear inauguration

The 2017 Inaugural Parade will take place in the afternoon of January 20 and will proceed down 15 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue between the U.S. Capitol and the White House.  Last week we mused about what fabulous creation Melania will wear to the Inauguration Ball.   This week the burning question is Who Will Dress Her.   Rumors abound and I kept hearing and reading that Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld were the front runners.  And although she could certainly, and probably will, have something custom designed, we put together an ensemble from Ralph Lauren, the iconic American designer, and keeping it in the family,  Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, combining for a confident, sophisticated look.     I think she will not try to steal the show, with her fashion, but rather be the supporting-role spouse that she has been throughout the campaign.  A classic, understated, neutral palette is her best look.   We love the optimism and freshness of these soft shades of cream.  God bless America!

To Parade Down Pennsylvania Avenue

what to wear inauguration

Ralph Lauren Double Breasted Wool Coat  $ 798  /  Ralph Lauren Georgia Sheath Dress  $ 514 SALE

Ivanka Trump Metropolis Octagonal Diamond Studs  $ 4900  /  Ivanka Trump Metropolis Large Elongated Octagonal Diamond Pendant On Chain  $ 4900  

 Ivanka Trump Libertè Diamond Cuff  $ 11980  /  Ralph Lauren Ceil Suede Pump  $ 699

what to wear inaugural ball

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what to wear inauguration

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what to wear inauguration

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