Celebrate with T. Anthony Luggage

T. Anthony Luggage

Please join us as we  Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of T. Anthony, with our friend Halsey Schroeder at Halsbrook.  What a fantastic opportunity to shop for everyone on your holiday list this year.  And take a close look at your luggage.  If it was a college graduation gift from you parents, it just may be time to consider gifting yourself a new piece or two.  And another super gift is a signed copy of Packing for Travel, From Jet Set to Trek Set the Definitive Globe Trotting Guide which will be for sale.  Please join us and make sure you RSVP to Emily.Sims@MSHPartners.com.

T Anthony 70 Anniversary

You have to see this ingenious and gorgeous garment/duffle bag.

t anthony luggage

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