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Montana Wedding
This week, we received an email from a friend asking what to wear to a “Western Formal” June Wedding in Montana.   I have run this by my great pal, Stacy Ossario, Real Estate Maven of Big Sky, Montana who assured me we were on the right trail.  “That is a great question! Montana has become a destination wedding spot and some weddings are truly formal.  The venue is usually elegant rustic in a barn or tent.  I think she needs to ask the hostess if the wedding party is in a tux or not. The “formal” to me says yes. Otherwise a suit. Cowboy boots OK for men with a suit or tux or great western belt.  Women wear long but not “ball gowns”. Dress, not jeans for sure” 
As soon as we hear “Western” we gallop over to Ralph Lauren whose designs are built on the romance of the west.    Both of these dresses can be worn all through the summer, accessorized in so many different ways.  We found the feather fascinator on Etsy.   Honestly you could probably make something like it yourself, assembled on a hair comb.   Destination weddings are so popular, that we have written a whole chapter in Packing for Travel.  Order a copy for our extensive advice and specific packing lists that make packing a tropical breeze.
what to wear western wedding
Don’t forget to check the weather before you go and always pack for the coldest temperature.  
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The Fascinator from Etsy
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what to wear western wedding

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