Black and White Ball

Black and White Ball

We received an email from a friend, “I have been invited to a Black and White Ball, can you help me with some ideas for what to wear.”   Ever since I read the delightful Swans of Fifth Avenue, I have been filled with visions of glory and glamour that Truman Capote created at his iconic  Black and White Ball  held on November 28, 1966 at the Plaza Hotel in honor of The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham.

For what to wear, we went in search of glamorous elegance and excitement at Bergdorf Goodman and found these two modern classics by Halston Heritage and Black Halo.  Then added some dazzling night time accessories to add a bit of intrigue.

what to wear black tie

Halston Heritage Hi-Low Ball Gown $725  /    Black Halo Hi-Low Gown $690   /  Oscar de la Renta Swarovski Crystal Earrings $390  /  Marni Glossy Pochette $1490  /  Gianvito Rossi Brocade Ankle Strap  $875  /  Black and White Mask $25

Here is David Patrick Columbia’s description of the occasion.   “The party started at ten PM when guests started arriving. There had been 18 private dinner parties across town before. The gold of the party was the guest list, like an old studio film filled with the stars of the day. It became one of those parties where people left town if they weren’t invited so it looked like they weren’t available to the invitation. It was a great success, made famous across the world. It was the apotheosis of Truman Capote blazing career for the best-selling author who as society’s darling and the media’s pet gadfly had become one of the most famous men in America. All that was to end in a few years after he published his short story “Cote Basque 1965” in which he printed blind item stories about many of those who had adored him and wined and dined him as “society’s darling.” After that, the doors slammed shut. Forever.”

For more photos, go to NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY

what to wear black and white ball

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