Going Green for St. Pats

what to wear st patricks day


I felt like I hit a pot of gold at J CREW when I discovered this deep sophisticated shade of green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.  It has a special significance to me as my youngest daughter, Kelly,  was born on March 17, to great celebration and fanfare.  These fancy frocks of  Leavers Lace are sourced from a sixth-generation family-owned mill in Rhode Island that’s been perfecting the art of lace making since 1859.   So faith and begorrah, dress up for the St. Patrick’s Party and you’ll be dancing a jig while your Irish eyes are smiling!

what to wear st patricks day

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left to right:   Pamela Dress $228  /  Natalia Dress  $228  /  Elsa Dress $228  /  Alisa Dress $228  /  Lightweight Cardigan $59  /  Floral Pencil Skirt $138  /  

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