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The iconic J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions returns to Grand Central Station, bringing the best squash players on the planet to New York City to vie for the coveted title of the world’s largest squash spectator event, being held January 16 to 23Playing on the four-walled glass court under the Terminal’s spectacular chandeliers is the dream of every professional squash player.  The combination of the perennial sold-out stadium seating, and the public viewing available on the front wall makes the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions the largest squash spectator event in the world.  Treat yourself and a friend to a highly charged and entertaining session in this most unusual setting for sport.

We asked our favorite Squash Coach, Greg Reiss of Millbrook School about the popularity of the sport.  “Yes, the game of squash is reaching new heights in popularity and with many good reasons, but it does seem to be growing disproportionately by gender. We all know the great benefits to the female physique of the squash workout; the constant lunging engaging the glutes, the development of the core from the twisting and turning, and the terrific overall cardio.  It is a sport that women can play and compete their entire lives.”  

Here is all you need to play squash. 

what to wear squash

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what to wear squash

what to wear squash

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