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TaiganOur entrepreneur friend, Elizabeth Nichols created Taigan as a online marketplace “featuring a lifestyle collection of apparel, accessories, home décor, gourmet food, sporting life and children’s items created by emerging designers, artisans and purveyors from across the globe.”   What’s in a name?  ” A Taigan is a sighthound noted for its hunting skills and ability to deliver the best game to its master. At Taigan, we are tirelessly “on the hunt” seeking to find unique things, well crafted and well presented, to share with our discerning audience.”

Since this is our Holiday Travel Issue, we went shopping with our friends at Taigan, to fill out our Packing Lists what to wear for Resort and what to wear on Ski and Après Ski Holiday.

What to Wear Après Ski

Add a little western vibe with a Necklace from Roarke.   Just layer over your turtle neck for a statement in cowgirl chic.


Roarke Ghana Scarf Necklace $365

What to wear to Sundance?   The Jules Reid Redford Vest, of course.   

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.45.49 PM

Jules Reid The Redford Vest $175

MooMoo Designs has great Springbok and other natural accessories.

unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4

MooMoo Designs Natural Springbok Tote $549   /   MooMoo Designs Brown Multi Strand Horn Necklace $175   /   MooMoo Designs Springbok Clutch $299

Or a statement piece from Agate Ranch in Marfa.    



Very cool packable hat,  just the thing to wear shopping the strip in Deer Valley.


Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods, Barbour Crushable Bushman Felt Hat $69


Don’t forget your faithful Fido, with fashion and accessories from Travels with Tiger by CeCe Cord.   


Travels with Tiger Stag Sweater $195   /   Travels with Tiger People Or Pup Tote Bag $1,250   /   Travels with Tiger Bavarian Hooded Winter Dog Coat $225


North or South, this is the BEST NECKLACE EVER!  From Fairchild Baldwin.

main_item_fairchild-baldwin-on-taigan-the-bella-orange-necklace main_item_fairchild-baldwin-on-taigan-the-bella-champagne-necklacemain_item_fairchild-baldwin-on-taigan-the-bella-teal-necklace

Fairchild Baldwin The Bella Orange Necklace $395   /   Fairchild Baldwin The Bella Oyster Necklace $395   /   Fairchild Baldwin The Bella Teal Necklace $395

What to wear RESORT?  

Island Cocktails?   Jules Reid Baroness Dress


Jules Reid The Baroness Dress $375   /   Jules Reid The Teddy Kaftan $295      /      Jules Reid The Olatz Dress $395   /   Jules Reid The Teddy Kaftan $295


Beach & Boat?  Check out Letarte fabulous tunics and suits.

main_item_letarte-on-taigan-short-sleeve-crinkle-dress main_item_letarte-on-taigan-tie-front-popcorn-tunic Letarte swimwear catalog 2014

Letarte Short Sleeve Crinkle Dress $218   /   Letarte Tie Front Popcorn Tunic $258   /   Letarte Paisley Stenciled Embroidered Tunic $265

The BEST Stocking Stuffer, Lulu Dk Jewelry Tattoos.


Woo Skincare & Cosmetics Lulu DK Love Story Jewelry Tattoos $22 

For Beachy Totes, we like Imperio Jp.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.36.12 PM

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