Michael Kors for Summer

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Call me a Yankee Doodle Dandy, I love the crispness of white and blue for summer.  It is such an evocative look of days at sea and nights under the stars.  Whether you are headed to the Hamptons, the Islands or land lubbing in the city,  MK Michael Kors has an incredibly well priced collection to buy now and wear right through the summer.  We picked some of our favorites for you to set you sails for a glorious summer.  Please click here To see all of Michael Michael Kors Collection, or click on the images below for information and to purchase.

Ahoy Matey

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Striped Front-Zip Ponte Dress   /   Knit Top & Slim Jeans   /   Striped Ponte Dress

Ship to Shore

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Front-Zip Flared Dress   /   Knot-Waist Dotted Dress   /   Chain-Front Shirtdress

Smooth Sailing

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Smock-Bodice Strapless Maxi Dress   /   Cotton Eyelet Maxi Dress   /   Sleeveless Slit- Hem Maxi Dress

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