Collected Cool by Jay Jeffers

Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool

We just fell in love with Jay Jeffers first book, Collected CoolThis  acclaimed interior designer displays the sophisticated yet playful spirit of his work.  Jay is known for his fearless and inventive use of color and pattern, his brilliant mix of art and furnishings-including antique, vintage, and modern-and the redefinition of traditional style from his modern point of view.

designers-jeffers-halfJay Jeffers is the founder of Jeffers Design Group located in San Francisco. He has received numerous honors, including Elle Decor‘s A-List of Top Designers in 2011, 2012, and 2013.  His work has been featured in numerous magazines and show houses, and he appears on design panels around the country.  Luxurious but livable, his designs always include a fresh and lively kick: a high-gloss, tangerine-hued ceiling or a hallway papered in a cheeky print. Jeffers presents his most stunning projects divided into four groups: Collected Cool, captivating rooms that are thoughtfully layered, revealing themselves over time through myriad details; Bold Bespoke, interiors viewed through a sartorial lens with custom elements essential to their unique style; Unabashed Glamour, rooms that make an instant impression with their luxe finishes, sumptuous materials, and sparkle; and Casual Chic, comfortable but stylish spaces with a sense of ease. In each section, Jeffers shares his process and gives guidance for re-creating the look at home.  Witty and exuberant, and filled with details on process, color, furniture, and accessories, Jay Jeffers: Collected Cool will be an endless source of inspiration.

Jay Jeffers Cavalier

He recently opened his own store, Cavalier by Jay Jeffers, in San Francisco, and it is the exclusive source for his debut collection of California-made furniture. Alisa Carroll is editor-in-chief of the annual design journal 3D, and has contributed to Elle Decor, Interior Design, and many other publications. Acclaimed New York City-based decorator Jamie Drake is known for his glamorous spaces, including the renovation of New York City‘s Gracie Mansion

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