Stylish Trench Coats

breakfast at tiffanys trench coats

Don’t we all have a secret wish to be Audrey?  Her iconic style defined ladylike chic for generations of star struck girls, longing for excitement and romance.   Big sigh, fade to black.   Well for those Breakfast at Tiffany fans, like us, who wouldn’t go anywhere without a well styled trench coat, we have sorted through the online racks at Bloomingdales to find six styles for the upcoming season of spring showers.   Each one is chosen for a special styling feature, whether Michael Kors Blocked Animal Print , the Kate Spade Fringe Trimmed,  the Mackage Leather Sleeved or any other of our chic selections.   Here is a hint:  Sometimes epaulets can overwhelm the face, if this is the case, it is easy to have them removed.

Trench Coats 2014    Trench Coats 2014    Trench Coats 2014

Basler Coat Trench With Contrasting Trim $655    /   Kate Spade New York Fontaine Trenchcoat $798   /   Michael Kors Double Breasted Trench Coat $325

Trench Coats 2014Trench Coats 2014Trench Coats 2014

Mackage Trench Coat  Avra Mixed Media $595   /    Sam Edelman Trench Coat  Gigi II Belted $184 ON SALE   /   London Fog Asymmetrical Soft Shell Trench Coat $132.66 ON SALE

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