Maximilian Fur Sale

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“Of course I am sure . . . there’s a damn animal on my head!”

What to wear in January?  It is a no-brainer, the perfect time for fur!  Take a look at your own pelt hanging in the closet, and be honest.  Does it look a little dated?   Guilty as charged!   Which is why we have been waiting for a great sale to appear and Maximilian at Bloomingdales has just came through in a big, big  way.  These sales usually come later in the year,  so take advantage now when you can really wear them all through the the winter months.  Whether you like a jacket, coat, cape or vest, there is such a huge selection to choose.   To see it all we suggest you go to MAXIMILIAN SALE AT BLOOMINGDALES.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

Jackets to Wear Anywhere

Maximilian Furs Maximilian Furs

Maximilian Mink Corduroy Drawcord Jacket $2997.50 ON SALE

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Sheerly Beautiful Shearling

Maximilian Furs

Maximilian Lamb Shearling Ruffle Trim Coat $1558.50 ON SALE

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Whinter White? Also in Black and Brown

Maximilian Furs

Maximilian Flared Sleeve Rabbit Fur Jacket $2096.50 ON SALE

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Long and Warm

Maximilian Furs

Maximilian Lamb Shearling Maxi Coat $2397.00 ON SALE

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Luscious “Lady Coat”

Maximi;ian Furs

Maximilian Belted Paisley Coat with Fox Fur Collar $1077. ON SALE

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Glam Cape to Wrap It Up

Maximilian Furs

Maximilian Fox Fur Ribbon Trim Cape $1677. ON SALE

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