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ahalife holiday gifts

For extraordinary Holiday Gifts, we went on a spree at AHAlife, a emporium of the undiscovered and unusual.  Don’t forget to use the CODE AHA2013 FOR 15% OFF and free shipping on orders over $100.    Please remember when you click through our site to shop, a portion of our commission will be donated to our Charity of the MonthWe found just about everything we need for everyone on our list this year and several must-haves for ourselves.  


Buying all 3 of these!

Mollaspace Black Animal Shot Glasses $140       Strand Table Top Darts $70       Broksonic Middle Humidifier $150

Shot GlassesAha PlateAha Humidifier

Blank Space


Let them eat caviar and cookies!  Spices are great teacher gift for $9.00!

Marky’s Caviar World Class Caviar Kit $545       Modern Bite Candy Cane Cookie Collection $35      The Teaologist Winter Mulling Spices $9

Aha CaviarAha Candy CaneAha Mullen Wine

Blank Space


Have been a very good girl, Santa!

Love Is Art Black & Gold Edition $110      Geoffrey Parker Sex Decision Cube $80      Lovability Condoms Tin $15

Aha GiftsAha GiftsAha Gifts

Blank Space


For my hippest friends!

Art Production Fund Jeff Koons Plate Edition $196         Art Production Fund Barbara Kruger Artist Towel $95      Sedition Sense By Jenny Holzer $50

Aha GiftsAha Gifts Aha Gifts

Blank Space


Cool cube speaker for Kell, hilarious iPhone pillow!

Matrix Audio Qube Speaker $50     Snarkitecture Iphone Pillow Rest $68       Arclyte Ipad Portable Battery Charger $65

Aha GitsAha GiftsAha Gits

Blank Space


We’ll always have Paris – and no hangover!

Mercy Blood Orange Hangover Prevention Drink $33      Designhype Paris Métro Cuff $37

Aha GitsAha Gits

Blank Space


For a few of the men in my life!

Mountain Boy Sledworks Mountain Boggan Toboggan $220      Wewood Voyage Wood Watch $140      Artemare L’americano Skateboard $380

Aha GitsAha GitsAha Gits

Blank Space


For those with a sense of humor!

Ray Geary Boss Resin Sculpture $125      Esque Studio Glass Bubblegum Paperweight $180      Suitor Note To Self Notebook $15

Aha GitsAha GitsAha Gits

shauna mei Shauna Mei is the founder and CEO of, where she connects the best the world has to offer with the most discerning individuals around the globe. An MIT engineer-turned-media expert, Shauna has created a digital discovery shopping destination that allows niche brands to tell their story and engage with an inspired audience. Her mission stems from her belief in carefully curating a lifestyle of conscious consumption and living life to the fullest. She exemplifies the AHA lifestyle in a multitude of ways, through her love of travel to culture-filled lands, from Catalonia to Inner Mongolia to Romania; by sharing food and drink with friends, especially caviar, Champagne and watermelon (in no particular order); by celebrating life with an epic dance party; and in always remaining curious about the objects and ideas that surround us.

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