Pack for a Dude Ranch

Howdy Pardner! If you are riding Western, you are on the trail of the rugged cowboy tradition of the wild west. Your seat is deep in the saddle and your horse is ready to go. Why not have some fun and dress the part. Jeans are a must, as are comfortable boots, after that is it up to you. How much are you feel in’ like a cowgirl? Western shirt, great suede jackets and of course, a handsome hat to top it off.

With wholesome activities, like trail rides, fishing, swimming and shooting, from morning to night, a ranch hand has got to get her gear in gear. It can be quite chilly in the morning, beautifully warm during the day, and even a bit nippy at night, especially in June and September so we have put together a Packing List of layering pieces that will have you trotting on your way. By day, we suggest a tank or tee shirt under a long sleeve shirt, and top it off with a vest or jacket. By night, and cozy dinners around the chuckwagon and campfire, we dress it up with a bit of suede, leather and gussied-up western wear. Ralph Lauren is the best source for all of the above and then some.  

• 4 tanks, tee shirts or light weight tops
• 2 long sleeved shirts
• 1 pairs of shorts
• 2 pairs of jeans
• 1 pair of spandex shorts for under jeans to avoid rubbing
• 1 vest
• 1 sweater or fleece
• 1 light, waterproof jacket

• 3 tops
• 2 jeans
• 1 suede skirt or jean skirt (optional)
• 1 jacket (jean, suede or leather)
• 1 pancho or wrap


• 1 pair of short cowboy boots or low heeled boots for riding
• 1 pair knee high boots (optional)
• 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
• 1 pair of flip-flops or sandals

• bandana
• gloves
• belt
• cowboy hat
• sunglasses
• western jewelry

• bathing suit and cover up
• clothing for tennis, golf, exercise and fishing (waders are provided), depending on your interests

You can find our other lists in our Packing section.

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