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It is time for fur, fur, fur!  Did we mention fur?  Our W2WW Fashion Editor, Hilary Dick and I had a blast with Courtney Moss, Founder and CEO of GlamourpussNYC modeling their new fur fashion for winter.    As early fans, we are amazed at the growth and scope of the line from their original fur funnels to an extensive line of fun and cozy pieces that go from morning ’til night.    As Courtney explains, “It’s about taking something functional and making it glamourous!”  What girl can argue with that?   We have worn our Glamourpuss everywhere from the hockey rink,  (where Courtney and her partner Gigi Mortimer, conceived the idea) to running around town, to elegant dinners and on and on.  The vests and jackets are a simply MUST-HAVE for Après Ski.   If you live in New York City, they are likely to deliver the same day and overnight everywhere else.  Or you can stop in the lovely laquered showroom on Madison Avenue to try them on right there.  And if you do – come and say “hi,”  we are just across the hall.

 Just a few of our favorites, click through to see the entire collection.



Kirna Zabete and Glamourpuss invite you for a champagne breakfast Thrusday, November 21th 9:30 to 11:30 AM

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