Ivy Style at the Museum at FIT

Ivy Style Exhibit at the Museum at FIT

We took a fab sneak peek (RAH, RAH, RAH!) at the brand new Ivy Style exhibit at The Museum at FIT and wanted to share it with you. Curated by MFIT Deputy Director Patricia Mears, along with Co-Curators and Consultants Richard Press, former president of J.Press (which was founded by his grandfather, Jacobi Press), and noted men’s fashion writer and editor G. Bruce BoyerIvy Style celebrates one of the most enduring clothing styles of the 20th century. It examines the “Ivy League Look,” which began during the early years of the century on the quads and in the libraries of elite, all-male, American universities, such as Harvard, Yale, and especially Princeton.

We had a fantastic interview with Co-Curator Richard Press himself, and his perspective and insight both on the exhibit and the history and evolution of “Prep Style” were an absolute delight to get to hear about. We hope you enjoy watching the interview below.  It was especially touching that Richard was joined by his son Ben, and daughter Jennifer, who is one of our fabulous Fashion Reporters.  She admitted to hoarding a treasure trove of preppy paraphernalia in her closet, but it was raided by dad for this exhibit. And brother Ben is still wearing the terrifically tailored suits from his grandfather and looking every bit as natty as the impeccably-dresses mannequins in the exhibit.


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