Gifts That Give

Don’t know what to give as gifts this holiday season?  We cannot think of a better way to celebrate holiday spirit this year than with these gifts that keep on giving!  All of these do-good items make wonderful presents and all give back to charities or other causes in some way.   Good tiding of comfort and joy to all!


Left to Right: Rice Bag Tote and Wristlet ($75), Pewter Pencil of Promise Necklace ($65), Glass-Beade Necklaces from Rwanda ($350)

World Wildlife Fund Acai Bracelet

Handmade Acai Bracelet ($50)

Left to Right: FEED Back-to-School Kit ($30), FEED 5 Bears ($60), FEED 3 Bear ($35)


Left to Right: Central Park Map Umbrella ($25), Images of Central Park: Winter Musings ($25), City Map Baseball ($21)


Adopt a Central Park Pal ($25)

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